Meet Our Hair Stylists

Sonia, Salon Owner

I have extensive experience in the hair and beauty industry and my main passion is to making everyone that comes through the salon doors feeling pampered, indulged and confident. Whether it's transforming their hair to making them feel good about their body by waxing unwanted hair or relieving everyday stresses with a massage, I like to offer a memorable experience for all my customers.

MY TOP TIP 'For every cup of tea or coffee have 4 cups of water to keep your skin and hair healthy and hydrated'.


Has 12 years experience in the hairdressing industry and has been involved in some exciting and prestigious projects including styling behind the scenes at the Australian Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week.

MY TOP TIP 'Always wet your hair before swimming to help stop hair from absorbing harmful chemicals'.


Has had 6 years experience in the hairdressing industry. Originally from Poland, Michael trained with one of Poland's top hairdressers. During his time in Poland, Michael has worked as a hairstylist in Poland's film industry. Michael is a whizz at creating short, creative styles.

MY TOP TIP 'If you have short hair make sure you get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks to keep the style looking chic and sleek'.


I have been a hairdresser for 13 Years. I am passionate about hairdressing and being creative. My favourite thing about hair is colour and styling with braids.

MY TOP TIP 'Everyone has beauty within. You just have to embrace it'.

Meet Our Beauty Therapists


Has had experience as a beautician for 5 years and is happy to do all beauty treatments so everyone feels good from head to toe. Her speciality is make up and nails and can create some show-stopping looks for all those special occasions.

MY TOP TIP 'No matter how tired you are, always clean off your make up thoroughly so your face looks bright and radiant the next day'.


Is a full-time therapists who has worked with 171 for 8 years. She specialises in HD Brows so you can leave the salon with the most perfectly groomed brows that are guaranteed to impress your friends and family.

MY TOP TIP 'Tint eyebrows once a month to help keep them in shape'.


Is one of our longest serving beauty therapists and has 18 years of experience as a beautician. She is skilled at hair removal treatments, in particular electrolysis and Advanced Cosmetic Procedures - a treatment that is specially designed to treat broken capillaries and remove skin tags.

MY TOP TIP 'Invest in a good skincare routine and remember to cleanse and tone to get your complexion squeaky clean '.


Is a full-time therapist who has worked with 171 for 8 years. She specialises in gel and Shellac nails and colours with precision to create perfectly manicured nails for both hands and feet.

MY TOP TIP 'Rub oil into the nails to keep them hydrated and healthy''