A trusted cup of herbal tea doesn’t just perk you up in the morning but can also be good for your skin. Here’s a run down of our favourites…

Peppermint Tea
Peppermint tea can help to combat oily skin thanks to the menthol which slows down oil production and promotes new cell turnover. As a result dead skin cells are kept at bay so your complexion looks radiant and glowing. Great for people with sensitive skin too.

Black Tea
Packed with antioxidants, black tea fights free radicals in the body and help to slow the signs of ageing so skin looks healthy and younger for longer.

Chamomile Tea
Did you know…at night skin repairs itself so it’s important to get a good night’s sleep so you can wake up feeling radiant. If you’re not sleeping too well, a chamomile tea has relaxing properties so you can sleep better. Also, place chamomile teabags on your eyes to help reduce dark circles.

Jasmine Tea
This fragrant tea not only tastes good but can help to prevent the signs of aging and treat skin conditions like eczema and acne by reducing oil production.

Green Tea
Packed full of radical-fighting catechins and EGCG that can help to reduce skin damage and prevent wrinkles.