You are currently viewing #171TOPTIPS: CURE CHAPPED, DRY & FLAKEY LIPS


Calling all lipstick addicts…there’s nothing worse than buying your favourite new lippie and then not being able to wear it properly because of chapped, dry and flakey lips.

The cold weather combined with too much heating is the main culprit of drying out your lips. But don’t worry help is at hand. You can either opt for one of the latest lip masks to boost hydration, buy a lip scrub or simply make your own DIY lip product…

Mix together Vaseline with sugar. Rub onto lips and rub in a circular motion. The sugar acts as a gentle exfoliator and encourages circulation. Vaseline, is a simple petroleum jelly that helps to hydrate and smooth the lip area. For best results do this 2-3 times a week.