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#171TOPTIPS: Dry Skin

When the temperature starts to drop your skin can start to feel drier and duller but with just a few easy tips you can start to get glowing again.

Tip 1
Swap your light summer moisturisers for a richer formula that will help to protect skin from harsh weather conditions and central heating. For best results moisturise twice daily.

Tip 2
Although cleansing is important to get rid of make up and dirt from the day avoid using harsh cleansers and opt for a gentle cleanser that is kind on the skin.

Tip 3
When showering avoid using super hot water as this strips your skin of all essential oils and leaves skin feel dehydrated.

Tip 4
Shaving can make dry skin even worse. Head to 171 Hair and Beauty Salon where we offer a wide range of hair removal services that are better than shaving.