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With Christmas Parties in full swing it is hard not to over indulge which can make your skin feel dehydrated, dull and tired. We’ve put together some beauty tips to help get your skin feeling fresh, beautiful and radiant after the after party.

It might seem obvious but drinking lots of water can work wonders on the skin. Drinking alcohol robs your skin of moisture so make sure you rehydrate. For best results, drink a pint of water when you get in after the party and before you go to bed.

Face Wash
No matter how tipsy you might be feeling it’s important to wash off your make up before you go to bed. Was with tepid water as the cooler temperature can help to reduce puffiness and tiredness.

Boost Skin
At night give skin an extra boost and use a rich formulated moisturiser that will help to hydrate the skin while you sleep.

Lighten up on make up
It is tempting to conceal your hangover with heavy make up but this can make your skin looking even duller. The trick is to swap out heavy foundations with hardworking BB creams and tinted moisturisers mixed with a few drops of liquid highlighter to make your skin look radiant and glowing.

Treat yourself
Head down to 171 Hair and Beauty Salon for a post-party treat. We have a wide range of facials by Gatineau and Dermalogica that can perk-up your skin in no time.