You are currently viewing #171TopTips: HOW TO DEAL WITH A SENSITIVE SCALP


If you have a sensitive scalp then help is at hand. With just a few insider tips you can control the health of your scalp.

1) Ditch harsh shampoos that contain strong ingredients. Opt for Mild Shampoos or shampoos with natural ingredients that are less damaging to the scalp.

2) Lighten up on using lots of styling products. If you use too many hair styling products the ingredients can build up and cause the scalp to feel itchy and irritable.

3) Feed, treat and restore the balance to your scalp with a nourishing hair mask that contains natural oils like Argan, Jojoba, Coconut or Almond Oil.

4) Apply less heat to the hair. Let hair dry naturally altogether if you can. If you need to apply heat, wait until the hair is 90% dry and the style using heat but keep all styling tools on a low temperature – no more than 180 degrees.

5) Use a good quality, soft bristled brush and don’t over brush as this irritates the scalp.