You are currently viewing #171TOPTIPS: HOW TO DETOX POST XMAS


If you’ve over indulged this Christmas, don’t worry we’ve put together 3 easy steps to help you detox from the inside out.

And, guess what…it won’t cost the earth as the ingredients you need will probably be in your kitchen.

Step 1 – Crank up the Cranberry
Cranberry is a powerful healing tonic filled with quinine which helps to remove toxic build up. Drink one glass of cranberry juice a day to help improve the workings of your bladder and kidneys. A great pick-me-up after a boozy festive season.

Step 2 – Pump up the Pumpkin Seeds
One sure sign of a party filled season is dull, tired eyes. Don’t let fatigue and dark circles be a giveaway, stock up on pumpkin seeds that will help to brighten up your eye area. Pumpkin seeds are a great circulation booster and packed full of vitamin C and E. All you need is a handful a day to keep dark circles at bay.

Step 3 – Change up booze for Milk Thistle
Too much booze can play havoc on your liver. Be kind to your liver by taking a Milk Thistle Supplement. This is one of the most effective antioxidants for removing toxins in your body…and it’s a great hangover cure too.