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Too much heat from blow dryers and styling tools leads to damaged hair, split ends and dryness. At 171 Hair and Beauty Salon, we’ve put together some top tips to style hair the safe way.

Step 1
Use a shampoo that is packed full of moisturising properties that helps to protect hair from drying tools. We highly recommend using shampoos by Kevin Murphy that are specially formulated with nourishing ingredients. Kevin Murphy products are available at 171 Hair and Beauty Salon.

Step 2
Don’t rub your hair with a towel as this causes friction and leads to split ends and frizz. Gently wrap the towel around your hair and leave. Once hair is at damp stage this is the best time to dry and style as it causes less damage to the strands.

Step 3
When using drying tools always use a low heat. Straighteners should not be any higher than 180 degrees.

Step 4
Apply hair protection sprays and frizz serums that have been specially designed to keep hair safe from drying and styling.

Step 5
Blast hair with cold air from the hair dryer as this leaves hair looking shinier and healthier.