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Don’t let the colder climes play havoc with your skin. Invest in a good daily skincare routine to protect and hydrate.

Step 1
It might be tempting to jump into a piping hot shower but hot water can strip your skin of all essential oils. It’s important to take tepid showers.

Step 2
Cold weather, office aircon and heating can make your skin feel dry. Make sure you upgrade your moisturiser to one with rich hydrating ingredients that will give your skin a much needed moisture boost.

Step 3
Face and body oils are great for winter dryness. You can also mix a few drops of your face oil with your foundation to create a dewy coverage and finish. This also helps to keep your skin feeling super soft.

Step 4
At night your skin repairs itself so help it along the way with a rich eye cream and night cream. Add this step to your daily skincare routine and wake up with beautifully soft, refreshed skin.

Step 5
Protect your hands. Carry around a powerful hand cream that is packed full of nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter. яндекс