Between the daily trials of shaving, bad diet and sun damage, looking after your skin is often overlooked. At 171 Hair and Beauty Salon we offer a wide range of skincare treatments including facials that deep cleanse, purify and detoxify the skin. These specialist skincare treatments help to rebalance the natural oils in the skin and revitalise the facial muscles so you look radiant and feel sensational. Our Dermalogica Facials are designed to deliver skin health through our therapists’ education innovation and recommendation. Dermalogicia does not treat skincare as a beauty issue but as skincare health issue. Dermalogica Facials do not include any of the common irritants usually found in other skincare ranges.


A good pampering massage isn’t just for the girls you know! After a busy, stressful day, our massage treatments relieve strain and tension, stimulate circulation and remove toxic build up leaving you relaxed and revitalised.