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At 171 we offer Shellac Nail Polish Service. But what exactly is shellac? In a nutshell, Shellac (aka gel polish) is a long lasting, durable nail treatment that can last up to a month without chipping or breaking.

If you want a Shellac polish firstly make sure that you have healthy fingernails. If you experience damage or splitting then avoid having a Shellac as this will affect the finish of the Shellac polish. It is advised to fix the problem before having the treatment.

Shellac Nails stay on longer than regular polishes because the gel polish is cured with LED light. To get the most from your Shellac nails after care is important. You should apply cuticle oil to the nails daily to keep your nails healthy and avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals.

You need to remove Shellac with a special acetone. If you have had a Shellac nail treatment with us at 171 Hair and beauty we will remove the Shellac for free. Don’t be tempted to peel off the nail polish as this will peel away the top layer of your nail. We have beauty experts on hand to take off your Shellac nails with care.